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Our philosophy on German vehicle restoration is to keep and refresh as many original parts and pieces as is feasible, while replacing what is no longer salvageable. We usually have several projects going simultaneously and are always available to assist you with your project. We can recommend, source, educate, and help at whatever level you need. Give us a call at 541.227.1758 or email us.


Meet Greta (that’s what we named her). During the restoration process of nearly three years, we found that she had become a treasured part of our family of personal vehicles and unlike restorations we do for others and/or specifically for sale, we just could not part with her.

1971 Porsche 911 Targa

Now, Greta wasn’t always this beautiful.

Well, let us rephrase.

She has always been a true beauty, but over time, her luster faded, and she needed some serious TLC.

Here is the story of her transformation…


Greta was purchased from Colorado, a state known for snow, ice, and salty roads. We knew going in to the restoration that rust was going to be an issue along with all the unknowns you find along the way. She had great bones, rust, a shabby interior, lots of scrapes and bruises, and a unique and quirky Sport-o-matic transmission that wouldn’t hold a gear.


We embarked on a sympathetic restoration of the interior and exterior after we spent a year having the transmission rebuilt along with miscellaneous engine improvements.


Rust repair …


Prepping for paint!


Post paint pre-polish …


Putting it back together … Targa bar and original rear window was an installation hell, but it was worth the headaches and looks beautiful with all new rubber.


The end result.


Isn’t she stunning?

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Evan Lipson for all his hard work, long hours, and tenacity on this special restoration.